Audio Books - Commercial - Voice Over Artist

Joshua Saxon Audio

I am an experienced voice actor who records in my personal, professional studio, allowing me to produce broadcast quality sound without leaving home.

Main Demo Reel

This is the main demo reel of my content that covers most of my work. I try to bring life to my voice over, especially to audiobooks. I don’t just want to read the words; I want to tell a story and bring it to life as the author imagined it.


Audio Book - American Dialect

To help bring Roger Angle’s visions to life, I found a tone that captured the nitty-gritty crime novel that he had envisioned. The story takes place in 1980’s New York City and takes the reader on a turbulent journey with captivating characters.


Audio Book - UK Dialect

The author, Vincent B. Davis II, wrote a marvelous book where the story takes place in ancient Rome. The story required an international sound in order to bring the story to life.



Commercial work is also a story condensed into a small time-frame. Nevertheless, if done well, it is my job as the voice over artist to bring the ad to life and reach the independent audience.